Do I have to bring my own bags for apple picking?

No, we offer standard reusable half bushel picking bags for all of our customers to pick in, but you are welcome to bring your own bags.

Is there a fee to enter the family attractions such as hayrides?

There are no admission fees to enter the family area.  There is a small fee for the yard activities.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all types of credit cards except American Express. However, we do recommend bringing cash.

Do you offer any other produce other than apples?

Yes, we have an extensive variety of local fruits and vegetables for purchase at all four of our locations.

Do you pasteurize your cider?

No, we do not pasteurize our cider or add any preservatives or chemicals. Our Cider is 100% apples and we press it on the farm.

How many different varieties of u-pick apples do you have available?

We have 12 different varieties of apples available for u-pick.

Do you carry organic produce?

Yes, we carry a select variety of organic products at all our retail locations.

Do you offer gluten free baked goods?

Yes, our bakery has an extensive list of gluten free products.