First off what is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.

It is a cooperative and personal relationship between a farmer (Russell Farms) and their customers CSA members make a pre-season payment to purchase a membership share of the seasons harvest. Each week the member receives a box of the seasons prime fruits and vegetables harvested daily called a share.

Our reasons for joining russell farms csa



Our CSA does NOT commit you to an entire season, we offer 8 week rounds too! This allows you to pick when you want to participate. If you can’t make a week due to vacation don’t worry we will work with you!


CSA Membership Perks

By participating our CSA program not only do you get an awesome farm share each week but you also get 10% off any other Russell Farms purchase the day of pickup, exclusive promotions via email, a farm day experience to come visit us on the farm, and an orchard day where you get to pick apples on us, a farm to table dinner at the end of the season and monthly entires into our loyalty program for giveaways.


Not just Fruits and Veggies

We are the only CSA in the area that includes specialty items in our CSA each week. We have a full service scratch bakery in Montrose where we make homemade baked goods, snack and trail mixes, we also include local cheese, farm fresh cage free brown eggs and more!


Swapping Option

Not a huge fan of a particular item? Don’t worry you can swap up to two items out of your CSA each week for items of equal retail value at our farm stand or store.


Support Local

Russell Farms is a first generation family started farm by Mike and Debbie Russell. If you stop at our various locations you will always find members of the Russell Farms family working. We love our customers, you make our business and farm possible!


Straight off the Farm Fresh

The produce you receive from Russell Farms CSA is picked off the farm the day before you receive it. Because we have been farming for over 20 years we have established great connections with highly skilled local farmers who we collaborate with. This allows us to give you an extensive variety of local fruits and veggies throughout the season.


A Practical CSA

Russell Farms understands that receiving too many uncommon items like mustard greens is not what CSA members want. With our program, we give you a great variety of practical fruits and vegetables. We may include something you have never seen before once in a while but we always include a description and possible recipe in our weekly emails.


Weekly Emails

Each week before pickup or delivery we will send you a CSA email with what will be in the share that week, information about any fruits or veggies you may be unfamiliar with, recipes, Russell Farms news, and special offers!